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Jun 28, 2012

Great Tool Giveaway | Website Scripts | Hacking Tools | Viral Facebook Script


Extension Spoofer

Change any file (.exe .bin .mp3 .java) to any format you desire. Example: myvirus.exe could be changed to myvirus.jpeg, etc etc. For all the idiots saying this is infected.

Download :  Mediafire


Bind your virus/server with any file of your choosing! Try binding with with a image and spoofing the extension, profit?

Download : Mediafire

Twitter Follow Script

Ever want mass followers on Twitter? This is the script for you, just upload it to any hosting and follow to your hearts content.

Download : Mediafire

IP Grabbing Script

Upload to your site and grab peoples IP's by giving them the link. You can redirect them to another webpage so they wont even know what happened.

Download: Mediafire

Basic Login Script

Ever wanted your site to be members only, or just wanted to password protect it? This script is for just for you!

Download: Mediafire


Use this script to send mail out right from the webpage. It's great for email marketing.

Download: Mediafire

Viral Facebook Script

 This is the perfect script for doing just that.

Download: Mediafire

Send SMS Script

This script allows you to send free sms to almost any number around the world.

Download: Mediafire


Shan blake said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

zarqash khan said...

what is the use of Viral Facebook Script ???

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