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Aug 3, 2012

Download YouTube View Increaser

this program increases YouTube views by sending around 4-8 http requests every 10 seconds through a proxy of your choosing. This program, also listens for YouTube's view authentication to return a false. When it receives a false it will stop the attack and prompt the user to change proxys and resume the attack. You can disable this feature. This program simulates a Internet explorer enviornment so you may hear clicks and the video you are trying to get more views for.


Flash current version for Internet explorer

.Net framework

[Image: Untitled1111.png]

[Image: Untitled2222.png]

Virus scan:

[Image: virusscan.png]

Download :



Gaurav Sharma said...

Please upload a FUD Crypter to crypt trojans...... In these day its impossible to hack with RAT.

kevin peter said...

The website also has an honors list buy youtube subscribers where it places the most popular videos in each category.

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